Jagz Kaur has a keen eye for detail and loves to work with an array of corporate companies, aiding them in building a brand that will last. Her years of knowledge and background is supported by her personal educational achievements in Branding Strategy, which go hand-in-hand with her on-the-job experience in design for production. These are all fundamental aspects needed when building a great brand, and she prides herself on dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's", as it's all part of her daily routine.


Every small detail requires attention

When it comes to branding, Jagz knows how. She has a history of working with many corporate organisations, small and large who have needed brand collatoral and design strategy. She is able to update existing identities  through her understanding of brand guidelines and she also has experience working with many younger companies helping them build and sustain their own brands to a very high level.

As a consultant, Jagz promises to help you understand the importance of brand consistency when it comes to promoting your organisation and will give you an insight into how well she believes what you already have may or may not be working for you.

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Jagz knows how to get it done

Everything that Jagz produces in a digital format for your company can also be reproduced to the highest quality in print.

She herself,  has experience in design for print production since 2002 and has built strong, long-serving relationships with the best production suppliers, along with her own in-house team, in order to ensure all of her efforts with your brand continue through to the final stages when it comes to production.


After designing your material, Jagz also has the capability of taking it to production.



All produced items are finished to the highest standards, and when necessary, Jagz gets hands-on.



All projects are delivered to keep inline with the requested timescales.

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BNI Integrity Member | London


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