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Jagz decided to set herself the challenge of creating her own brands, in order to test her personal ability to create, design & produce a brand from beginning to end.

She also wanted to monitor the challenges she might face along the way, so that she could be better informed of every aspect when servicing her clients branding requirements, allowing her to be able to give them the best, most honest and productive advice, based on her valuable experiences.


Created in memory of an angel

The Wisdom Angel Brand.

The Wisdom Angel brand is more than just a project or business venture, it is a personal vision & wish that Jagz had to honour the memory of her Late Mother.

Once she had fully graduated and started a successful career in design & branding, she wanted to create something quite "special" to keep her Mum's memory alive, because she had been such an inspiring role-model to her daughter during the short, but wonderful, relationship they shared together. So, Jagz wanted to turn the journey of her challenges into a form of help and inspiration for others who have been through similar trials and tribulations which may have caused them to loose a little faith in the cards they had dealt in a tough world. The true inspiration behind the brand and its collection of timeless gifts comes from the Angel herself, who instilled nothing but beautiful values and traditions into her daughter during the short 13 years they shared together. No part of their journey can be described as anything other than extra-ordinary, they overcame obstacles together that would make most people fall at the starting blocks.

The story and motos behind the brand are ones based on love, strength & positivity even through your darkest days. The combination of these values and the overall essence of this entire collection stems from the determination of a young lady, who lost her Mum as a young girl, but who promised to keep her Angel's memory alive in everything that she achieved through the life that followed. Despite her pain, she wanted to ensure she could continue to make her Mum proud, as she watched over from the clouds above.

There is a real Wisdom Angel in the sky, and her name is Rajinder Kaur xxx

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"When you are inspired by someone who made the world a brighter place just by being in it, who was still able to find the strength to smile through the trials and hardships that life threw at her, and who believed that each day she had been given were blessings, the collection of "The Wisdom Angels" seemed the perfectly magical and fitting way to celebrate the short life of a lady who inspired so many people and the lives she touched along the way, during her 38 years of life.

This collection was designed to ensure that her wonderful legacy continues to grow, through the generations that follow."

Jagz Kaur

BRAND DIRECTOR, The Wisdom Angels

The Wisdom Angel Journey.

In 2012, Jagz took a simple line drawing from the collection of doodles in her sketch book and redrew it digitally using her ever-increasing design skills, creating an icon that she was soon to be very proud of.

From this she had it made into a simple, but very effective "Angel of Positivity" pin badge, which was going to be just the start of a long list in her soon-to-be wonderful product collection.

As The Wisdom Angels collection grew, she sadly lost her Grandmother, and wanted to make a dedication to her from the collection, having the iconic angel made into a metre high floral tribute for her Grandmother's funeral.

As time past, she went on to create three other angels of inspiration, expanding The Wisdom Angels into a collection of Strength, Love & Positivity.

Some may have believed that her creativity would have stopped there, but this was not the case as she drew a further special little angel to her collection of icons, and then was born, 'The Baby Angel'. This was designed with those in mind who have had the heartbreaking loss of a child. When such a grief is too hard to comprehend or even speak about, she wanted to bring comfort to those who would understand the presence of this icon, without any need for an explanation of its meaning.

Despite the majority of people understanding the Angels to be about the loss of someone we love, she also wanted to create an icon which meant that it could be seen as a protector, and used the Baby Angel with wording to this effect, which she hoped would symbolise every parent's wish, that their child always be protected, each day that they take a step on their own wonderful journey, starting from the day they are born.

Despite the journey being long, bumpy and full of valuable lessons in both business and relationships, she continued to believe in herself, and her vision, which she believes to be the fundamental driving forces to any brand or company. This is truly a tribute to her dedication to anything she puts her hand to, and proves why she offers complete quality in all the work she creates for her clients.

Dedication and belief are the two strongest words she uses to describe her promise to those who she has had the honour of working with on her colourful design journey.



A brand which promotes cultural awareness

The Sophisticated Desi Brand.

Jagz identified what appeared to be a gap in the market for the hip generation of individuals of Indian descent. Having a large number of her own nieces and nephews, whom she spends much quality time with, she noticed that there was a shortfall in their knowledge of the simple terms and phrases, along with the respectful titles of their elders, that they shockingly did not know. Being a British born Indian herself, she knew that this was probably due to the huge influence of the Western culture that we now live in, but found it a little sad that this should continue, because she understands that this is how culture and great knowledge tends to die away and once it is gone, is very difficult to get back. So, she took it upon herself to re-educate the youth, but in a way that was fun and interactive. She wanted this niche to be proud of their cultural backgrounds, in an ever-progressive, yet multi-cultural world, where sometimes we become so accustomed to the Western ways, we tend to forget our own roots. Her designs were then based on the terms and words that would be recognised by many Indians, in a fun, yet cultured style and from this bright spark idea, grew her newest brand 'SOPHISTICATED DESI".

On creating the brand, she chose to use a font style similar to that of the Punjabi script (her own cultural language) and had a lot of fun designing the card and clothing collection that followed, which uses terms that all Punjabi's can relate to, with pride.

With this as a bench-mark, and as the brand grows, she now aims to incorporate all other cultures, as she is currently putting together a database of the many terms used from other similar cultures, along with their meanings. She is in the process of compiling the new collections, which will be released very soon... So, watch this space!

This brand creation is definitely a credit to her fun-loving and quick-witted personality, which works well alongside her ability to manage a project from beginning to end, with complete passion and professionalism.



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