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Are you looking for
a Brand Consultant who can help you change your perception of what is needed, in order to grow your business?

Would a Brand Consultant be beneficial for your business growth?

30 minutes

Would you like Jagz Kaur to look over elements that you use within your company, and advise you on whether it is actually working for you?

Are you looking to know how you could improve your brand, and whether the strategies you have in place are the best ones for your company progression?

2 hours

Would you like to sit with Jagz Kaur and have her help you brainstorm ideas on how to implement changes that would take your brand into a new arena?

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In all my years of designing for a vast range of companies, I noticed a gap where there were people trying to "do it themselves" or hiring the wrong people to do their design, not realising the effect they were having on their own brand. 

This is why I wanted to offer a solution for those who were trying  their best, but not realising that they were doing more damage to their brand without getting the advice of a professional to guide them. I have the benefit of being able to work on a one-to-one basis in order to give companies the help and guidance they are looking for to get the right image for their target audience and it still not cost the earth!...

Why do I love helping people? for the simple fact that, I "am my brand" and the success of the designbyJagz brand, comes from one simple aspect...I never out-source the design work produced for my clients.

Jagz Kaur

Director & Brand Consultant


BNI Evolution VP & Member | Upminster
BNI Boost Ambassador | ExCel London


Royal Docks | London                
t |  020 3301 0488

Consultancy Hours

Mon - Fri  |  9.00am - 6.00pm
Evenings & Weekends
available by appointment